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  • • Bible

  • Bible Gateway  
    The Bible Gateway has complete texts for the Bible. Includes NIV, NASB, and many other translations. Also functions as a searchable concordance. Has the Bible in other languages than English as well.

    NET Bible
    The NET Bible (New English Translation) is an electronic version of a modern translation for distribution over the internet and on CD-ROM. The NET translation display also has extensive text-critical, lexical, and exegetical notes. 

    This site offers a Bible study program free of charge. The files contain Bibles, commentaries, devotionals, and dictionaries. After downloading the files, you can install the software on your PC. 

    World Wide Study Bible 
    The World Wide Study Bible was conceived as a means of organizing all of the Bible-related resources on the World Wide Web according to scripture reference. The main Informix database is located at Calvin College. 

  • • Reading

  • Credenda Agenda web site
    A good theological thought-provoking periodical.

  • Christian Classics Ethereal Library 
    This immense collection of classic Christian books in electronic format includes authors like St. Augustine, Alfred Edersheim, and William Law. A recommended reading list is included.

  • • Christian life

  • www.passageway.org 

  • pluggedin.com A branch of Focus on the Family, Plugged In exists to shine a light on the world of popular entertainment while giving you and your family the essential tools you need to understand, navigate and impact the culture in which we live. 

  • This website from the Billy Graham Association is a helpful resource for teens who want to grow in Christ. Bible reading plans, interviews, surveys, Q & A.

  • ChristianAnswers.Net 
    Christian Answers Network Various respected Christian ministries join together to tackle tough questions about: Marriage and Family, Archaeology and the Bible, Christian Theology, Creation and Evolution, Government and Social Issues, Religion and Cults, and much more. 

  • • Contemporary issues

  • Christian voter guide

  • BreakPoint Online 
    BreakPoint Online, a ministry of Charles Colson, offers Christian perspectives on today's news and trends.

  • Apologetics Index 
    The Apologetics Index features an extensive database and glossary of information on cults and other fringe groups. It covers doctrine, religion news and has a daily cartoon.

  • Hollywood Jesus 
    Hollywood Jesus interacts with modern movies in order to encourage viewers to see the larger questions and issues they address.

  • • Reference

  • Archaeology Resources 
    This site contains archaeology related news, books and web resources. Links to other web sites and web pages are included about various realms of the field of archaeology, including classical, biblical, egyptology, and folklore.

  • Information Please
    The InfoPlease.com website has information from the almanac of the same name as well as the complete searchable text of the Columbia Encyclopedia. Fact Monster is for school age users, with many links for homework and research.

  • CNN Student News 
    Multimedia news stories, homework research center, career and college resources, Online forums. Features for both educators and students.

  • How Stuff Works 
    This lively multimedia site explains how all sorts of machines and technologies work, as well as parts of the body and other phenomena.

  • The Columbia Encyclopedia 
    The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition: complete contents of the year 2000 publication of the largest one-volume general encyclopedia available. Full-text searchable.

  • • Organizations

  • IFCA International
    The IFCA is a international organization of independent, Bible-believing churches of which Lansing Bible Church is a member. 

    Slavic Gospel Association
    Serving Churches — Reaching Russia — Since 1934.

    Jews For Jesus
    Y'Shua - who do you say He is?

    The Bible League
    God's Word in action.

    The Master's College
    A Bible college in southern California.

  • L'Abri Fellowship International The official home page for L'Abri Fellowship International, carrying on the work of Dr. Francis Schaeffer and his wife, Edith. Dr. Schaeffer was a Christian theologian and philosopher who also authored a number of books on theology, philosophy, general culture and the arts.

  • Campus Crusade International 
    Information on Campus Crusade ministries. Many resources are available as well as links for evangelism and other information from related and external ministries.

  • Gramcord Institute 
    In addition to information on Gramcord software for linguistic study of the Bible, there are links to sites of interest to Biblical scholars and students.

  • Billy Graham Evangelistic Organization 
    The Billy Graham site contains answers to questions and other resources on becoming and being a Christian. Information on Billy Graham's ministries.

  • Probe Ministries 
    Probe Ministries is a group of Christian scholars which promotes a Christian world view by analyzing and challenging contemporary culture. Their web site has numerous articles in areas like science, cults and other religions, philosophy, and public policy. 

  • • Church Web Sites

  • First Baptist Church, Atlanta, Georgia 
    Dr. Charles F. Stanley, Senior Pastor

  • The Moody Church, Chicago, Illinois 
    Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer, Pastor Emeritus

  • Glenwood Bible Church, Glenwood, Illinois
    A sister church a few miles down the road...

  • Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California
    John Macarthur, Senior Pastor 

  • • Christian Portals

  • These sites are similar to Yahoo or MSN in that they offer a wide variety of news and other content, as well as offering search capabilities.

  • OneNewsNow

  • OnePlace.com 
    Provides Christian audio content online from Christian radio stations and ministries. Includes daily programs from broadcasters such as James Dobson and Ravi Zacharias.

  • Gospel.com
    This large site ranks among the top 500 most visited websites. Devotionals, Christian answers to questions, humor, links to commercial sites, Bible studies, Online Christian radio, mission news, and many other resources. An alliance of over 230 Christian organizations.

  • Crosswalk.com 
    Commercial web portal site that offers news, information, and links to study tools and other features.